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 General Orders

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PostSubject: General Orders   Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:33 am



Please respect your other players.  

If you find yourself in conflict with another player and can't solve it on amicable terms, please report it to your superior officer.

Remember that what happens in character, stays in character.  


We run on a 'one character, one account' rule, meaning that for every separate character you create, you must create another account with that character's name.  

Exception: Dependants, such as children and/or any pets kept by your character may be kept on the parent/owner's account


Please keep it PG 13.  Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum or you will receive a warning.
The use of the English language is highly encouraged, meaning that we do expect a minimum level of spelling (British or American, we don't mind) and grammar.  We understand that this isn't easy for everyone, but try to make an effort, mkay?

Also, respect your fellow players.  They have feelings too.


This goes for ship classes, character species, weapons, technology, etc...

Everything you need to know can be found at Memory Alpha .

Exception:  For species where little is known about them in the canon universe, Memory Beta can be used and certain elements made up (within reason and, if you do make it up, please keep it consistant!).


Please avoid one line posts on missions.  

Posts must be made in the THIRD PERSON perspective and in the PAST TENSE.


All species that are canon to the series are allowed, but if you chose one not habitually aligned with the Federation, please write an appropriate back story as to why they're allowed to serve.

All characters start out as either Ensign for the commissioned, or petty officer 3rd class (Enlisted). At the Admiral's discretion, a character may be accepted at one rank higher or one rank lower dependent on the application, history or age of the character.

PLEASE NOTE:  We don't allow any canon characters, nor any relationships with canon characters.  That means that you cannot play Spock or Dax, nor do we want any of Kirk's long-lost grandkids running around!
Exception: relationships to background characters or one-off appearances are allowed within reason.

Multiple Characters:  You can have as many characters as you like on Aurora Fleet, but you must remain active with all of them.  If we notice that your activity is slipping with one of your alternates, we may suggest that you put it on ice for the time being.  Whether you choose to bring them back later is up to you.

More information on multiple characters can be found here.
More information on character creation can be found here


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General Orders
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