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 Personal Log - Henriks Ābols

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Henriks Ābols
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PostSubject: Personal Log - Henriks Ābols   Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:04 pm

=/\=Personal Log=/\=
Stardate 55863.9

A new entry is long overdue. So much has happened since the last time I did one. Chira and I were posted briefly to the Starbase Athena. I didn't think I'd like it at first, but the place kind of grew on me. How could it not? It was where I proposed to Chira. My friend Amos, one of the waiters, helped me put it together. It was wonderful. There were flowers, candles, Chira's favorite food. I felt bad about missing her birthday, but she didn't seem to mind. She was glad I was back, as was I. When it actually came time to ask the question, it was nerve wracking. I was so afraid of how she might answer, that it was too soon or just a flat out 'no'. I don't know why I was worried though. She's the most wonderful lady in the world. She said yes.

Our brief stay on the station was interesting. I was covering the position of CMO, just keeping the seat warm until another could come along. It was only about a month, but so much went on. So much paperwork, so many faces and names to learn, so many patients to treat. There were spores from a plant that found their way into the ventilation system, causing the whole station to act strangely, myself included. I don't quite remember how, but somehow we managed to find a treatment and got everyone back to normal.

It was after that a new CMO arrived, and Chira and I were posted to a ship once again. Finally a ship that isn't named Churchill. It's not that I object to the name but the continual use of it when not warranted. Anyways, we're on the Phoenix now. It's a fine ship, as fine as any other I've been on. I don't really know much about ships, so my comparison's probably don't mean that much. In our first mission on this ship, much of the crew was mysteriously beamed down to a planet, into a cave and system of tunnels, myself and Chira included. At first I didn't know where she was, and that was mightily unsettling. And when I did find her, we got caved in when one of the cave walls decided to collapse. We had ensign Davis with us, who had been injured in another cave in. And so we were stuck there, with none of us well enough to walk far, until somebody came to rescue us. And suddenly we were back on the ship again. Thankfully.

And then there was the wedding, the wonderful, glorious wedding. All Hallow's eve was chosen as the big day. Never has there been a better day in my life. How beautiful she looked, more gorgeous than the setting sun, her dress a deep orange. How could I have gotten so lucky? I still haven't found an answer to that question, and I'm not sure I ever will. But I must be the luckiest man alive. When she came walking down the aisle... when we said the words... when we became man and wife. I could die now and know I've lived a happy life. But I want to live and spend my days with her, my lovely lady.


"Das Problem ist, die Menschen haben den Hang, genau das zu wählen, was am schlechtesten für sie ist."
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Personal Log - Henriks Ābols
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