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 Personal Log - Ensign Tufezr Nefen

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Tufezr Nefen

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PostSubject: Personal Log - Ensign Tufezr Nefen   Mon Jan 05, 2015 4:59 pm

Stardate 68478.7, Personal Log

I have finally arrived on my first assignment as an Engineering Officer aboard the USS Phoenix, and am both anxious and excited to experience this new adventure. In my symbiont's many memories, only one previous host ever joined Starfleet, strangely, and it seemed to be a positive although brief experience. The host, named Ayx Nilrud, was an Engineer like myself, although not a Starfleet Officer, and enjoyed many enriching learning opportunities although was killed in an unfortunate Warp Core accident. Nevertheless, I am unafraid of the dangers, just of the lack of other members of my species. This new posting lacks any other Trill, joined or unjoined, and I wonder what the crew's opinion of me will be, as I have heard that the joining tends to unnerve some other species. I plan to put my right foot forward, as the saying goes, and embrace this challenge of a new life for myself and my symbiont head-on, with bravery hopefully unwavering.
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Personal Log - Ensign Tufezr Nefen
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