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 Personal Log - Julia Rellek

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Julia Rellek
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PostSubject: Personal Log - Julia Rellek   Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:03 pm

=/\=Personal Log=/\=

We are currently departing the Alpha Leonis system following a diplomatic mission to explore entry into the Federation. Well lets just say that didn't work out so well. Upon beaming to the planet I made contact with an adorable young girl named Hope. Hope and her family lived in a hidden city under the planet. We never quite determined why they were down there but needless to say thousands of hidden people living in poverty is enough to disqualify you from admittance to the Federation. Poverty... Its such a foreign phenomenon to me. I have never seen anything like that before. Its scary to think that Earth used to be like that. It's definitely a testament to our economics. Letting people live like that; its inconceivable. I have new respect for the positions that Captain's are put in out here. I'm sure Captain T'Koris wanted to stay and and help those people but in the end she was right. Since we were no longer reconsidering them for Federation admittance they are a sovereign power. It seems so easy in class at the academy.

Let's turn to brighter thoughts. I seem to be settling into the Phoenix well. One of my colleagues in the Science department invited me to join him and his partner for lunch. They were a delightful couple. Ensign Van Gelder. Was very nice to offer. I feel like I know someone. Although he was definitely a little quirky, but it suits him. I think we'll get along well while working together. I'm also looking forward to working with COmmander Arthur; I think he has a lot he can teach me. This is definitely a whole new world to me; out here in deep space. I'm not in research anymore. The only reason I signed up to come out here was to get my deep space experience but its kind of fun getting out of the lab. I have spent years hurtled behind consoles. It feels liberating to be out here.

=/\=End Log=/\=


"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
— Dr. Carl Sagan
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Personal Log - Julia Rellek
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