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 Personal Log - Nelkar Epath

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Nelkar Epath
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PostSubject: Personal Log - Nelkar Epath   Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:34 pm

=/\= Begin Personal Log entry.

All is well as could be expected.

My time at the Academy has been completed, and I've been assigned an Engineering position on the starship Phoenix. I will admit... the rank of ensign doesn't particularly enthrall me... but it was a condition of my application. Admiral and his team of influence made sure of that. At least I am... quite safe from the dangers of those who oppose defectors and their actions.

[Restricted without Level 10 access codes due to discussion of sensitive material pertaining to classified files]:

I have already met another Cardassian- Ilana Telak.

The circumstances surrounding her admission into starfleet are fascinating to say the least. In all sincerity, this entire ship is nothing more than a conglomerate of misfits. The captain is a half-Romulan with a strange political affiliation. She is married to one of the Engineers here. The medical staff seems comprised of strangely impaired people, from the stuttering cardassian with a vocal enhancer to the Andorian who seems to be missing one of those antenna... and, of course, the female doctor who practically seems to glow.

This is hardly mentioning the trill, the Romulan security officer who looks as though a Klingon tore her to pieces and put her back together, and the Romulan pilot who's allegiences are... questionable and who's face looks ready to pull a phaser on anyone stupid enough to cross her.

Has Starfleet put every Romulan on this ship?

From what I gather, this ship has quite the reputation for trouble.

I don't need trouble.

End Log. =/\=

"Confidence comes from discipline and training."
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Personal Log - Nelkar Epath
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