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 Posts of the Week #2

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Rachel Deacon
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PostSubject: Posts of the Week #2   Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:30 pm

Ladies, gentlemen and variations thereof,

Welcome to the second instalment of Aurora Fleet's 'Post of the Week' where we try to celebrate our best writers!

Recommendations from anyone are welcome. If you see a post you think deserves a Post of the Week ribbon, whether because it was well written, or funny, emotional, full of suspense, please quote it into a message to myself (Admiral Rachel Deacon), along with the date that it was posted and the name of the thread.

Without further delay, here are this weeks Posts of the Week!

In the Mission category, the Post of the Week, strangely, goes to the NPC account, for inciting quite a bit of curiosity in the events to come:

NPC wrote:
Captain Andrew Sheridan smiled grimly as his XO linked into the nearby Federation relay station. It was not an easy task. Since the Dominion War his counterparts had gone through; security had been upgraded, but Commander Rellek was one of the best at decryption and invading security systems. He had complete faith in her ability to hack into their counterpart's system. She was a very capable officer, and not overly least not openly. Still, he didn't trust her completely...that would be a mistake. It was the mistake his own Captain had made with him. Gabriel Arthur had trusted him just a bit too much, and when Andrew had killed him...well the look of pure surprise on his former CO's face was still something that Andrew relished in.

"The download is complete, Captain. We should now be able to manipulate the situation further. All voice ID's and codes have been taken care of. I estimate it will take them two...possibly three hours to figure out what I've done to them," Julia told him in her normally wicked and icy tone.

"Excellent. Time to proceed with the next part of this charade," Andrew stated calmly...though there was an undertone of satisfaction and eagerness to his voice.

It was at that moment that a Romulan woman strode on to the Bridge. She swept her eyes over Commander Rellek's tactical station so briefly none even noticed her glance. Instead, she seemed not to pause at all, but kept on descending to the command deck, and there waited with head bowed in silence to her Captain.

"Ah, if it isn't my beautiful Companion," Andrew stated as he looked up. "I trust you slept well, Archangel," he added. It was not really a question. He knew she only slept well when he wasn't around...which wasn't often.

"I did, yes, Captain," she answered without lifting her gaze to meet his. Had she done would have been a mistake. For there was the briefest glimmer of hope there in her eyes. The name she had read in command of the Starfleet counterpart in the area had been none other than herself. Yet, she did not dare to let her wicked Captain know she knew. Long had she practiced in letting him in to only certain parts of her mind. This particular piece of information was stored away in an area not open to him...sealed behind a reserve of titanium Romulan will.

"Good. I am glad to hear that, My Dhael," he mocked with a wicked smile, and then turned back to the campaign at hand. "I should be along to our quarters shortly. Make sure all is ready," he told her firmly without looking back up at her.

"Of course, My Captain," Archangel stated sincerely...a ploy she had long been building on to cover her hatred of the man that thought he owned her. She left the bridge without a backward glance. There was only going to be one shot at this....just one, but it would be worth it.

"Helm, proceed to our next target. Commander Rellek, prepare our next surprise," Captain Sheridan ordered.

"At once, Captain," Julia answered.

In the Shore Leave category, please congratulate Ensign Safefta Pardek! For some reason, the thought of Safefta having a hangover in the thread 'Skeletons Galore' was too amusing to pass up:

Safefta Pardek wrote:
With the new direction to take, Safefta changed her course and shambled off to the closed door. "Au'e. Jolan'tru, regghai," the Romulan muttered. English was beyond her ability to articulate at that point. She had barely made it inside the room when she collapsed spread-eagle on the bed and fell asleep.

[0700 Hours]

Safefta woke up to find herself jammed in the most uncomfortable position possible against the wall on the bed. The jack-hammer like quality of the throbbing in her head and the desert that seemed to have occupied her mouth gave very clear indication that she was very, very hungover. She cautiously opened her eyes.

Blessedly, the lighting in the room was so low that it didn't make anything worse. Cautiously, she muttered: "Computer... increase lights by 15%." A light chirp from the computer followed as it acknowledged her request. Even that small increase felt like Safefta has just ordered the sun to occupy the room.

"Fvadt!" she hissed, before forcing herself to sit up. The previous night flooded back to her in fragmented bits and pieces- enough to make her feel horrible embarrassed about how much she had told Archangel about her life. The conversation they had was going to haunt her for ages to come, she knew.

What she remembered more than that was the last thing she could recall before she blacked out- only because she'd been so upset at the premise. She knew she had to get up and go speak with Archangel. As terrified as she still was (and the rock sitting in her heart did nothing to help her nausea) there were plans to be made and that couldn't be done sitting in seperate rooms.

Standing up was like smashing on the deck of a rocking ship on the sea, but she held herself upright anyway. I will not vomit.

She shuffled like a Romulan auroto out to the living area of Archangel's quarters.

"Captain?" Safefta called weakly.


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Raynor Hughes

Raynor Hughes

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PostSubject: Re: Posts of the Week #2   Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:35 pm



Click the ID card for full bio!

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Julia Rellek
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Lieutenant Commander

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PostSubject: Re: Posts of the Week #2   Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:32 pm

WOOHOO Congrats guys :-)


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Andrew Sheridan
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PostSubject: Re: Posts of the Week #2   Fri May 01, 2015 11:40 am



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PostSubject: Re: Posts of the Week #2   

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Posts of the Week #2
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