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 Aurora Fleet: Mission Statement

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PostSubject: Aurora Fleet: Mission Statement   Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:52 am

Oh, hi, there.  :)

Welcome to Aurora Fleet.  We're just getting started around here, so please don't mind all the construction dust.  This site is the dream of a group of friends who are finally putting action to thought, and we hope that it will be an enjoyable, drama-light experience for all.

OOC drama, that is.  IC?  Well...all bets are always off...aren't they?  ;)

The site is somewhere between a sandbox and a themepark, to borrow MMO/RPG terminology.  There will be structured missions, which will be like 'episodes'.  Feel free to create your own threads, though, which can be as 'canon' as you wish them to be (rules for believability apply).  We aren't in the business of telling YOU what is important in the lives of your characters.

The two main areas of IC interaction are the Starbase Athena, and the USS Phoenix.  Our setting takes place at the conclusion of the Dominion War, so the future is wide open for the Prime Trek universe.  We are canon up to the end of Deep Space Nine, after which the site will follow its own timeline.  This means that events depicted in JJ Abrams' films, specifically the destruction of Romulus, have not and probably will not happen.

Thank you all for giving us a look!


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Aurora Fleet: Mission Statement
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