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 Zero Alpha - Character Test

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Zero Alpha
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PostSubject: Zero Alpha - Character Test   Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:10 pm

Extensive Character Development Quiz

Rules: Get into character and answer each question AS YOUR CHARACTER WOULD. For example, if your character would lie when asked if he/she currently has romantic feelings for anyone, then you better lie. [You can put in a note as an author to write the truth.

[Player Note: This test has been taken in the assumption that there are no secrets about her nature as an Augment]

General Information:
1. What is your name? Nickname?
My official designation is Alpha 01419, although it has been twisted in order to provide me with a name more suited to integration amongst other humanoids.  I am now known as Zero Alpha.

2. Why were you named that?
My designation was given to me by Doctor Kincaede as a reference to the project and embryo number.

3. What is your gender?
I am female.

4. What species are you?
Officially, I am a human, although this is a cover for my true nature.
[PN: Zero's true species (Augment) is classified to all except the command officers of the ship she is serving on as well as the Admiralty.]

5. How old are you? What year were you born?
My true age is unknown, as is my birthdate.  Although it should have been included in Doctor Kincaede's notes, it has never been revealed to me.  My age is estimated to be either 19 or 20.

6. Do you wish you were older or younger?
I have no opinion on the subject.

7. What is your IQ? If you don't know, guess.
My IQ is currently in development, but an educated estimate based on several tests has placed it in the range of 200.

Physical Appearance:
8. What color are your eyes? Do you like them?
They are a pale grey.

9. What color is your hair? Is it natural or dyed? Do you like the color?
My hair is white, genetically coded to be so.

10. Is your hair thin or thick? Straight or curly? Long or short? How do you wear it?
My hair is considered to be long as it reaches to the inferior angle of my scapula.  In order to maintain an undistracted frame of mind, it is generally tied into a chingion at the base of my cranium.

11. How tall are you? Are you happy with your height?
I stand at 190.23cm.  This is an adequate height.

12. How much do you weigh? Are you happy with your weight?
At my last physical, I was weighed at 74.32kgs.

13. If female, what is your bra size? Are you happy with this?
I have found that I am slightly under a 34B.

14. How would you describe your skin tone?
Extremely pale.

15. What is your body type? Are you athletic?
I have been described as 'coltish', which I have reasearched and discovered as meaning that my form is rather angled, without significant muscle mass, with elongated limbs.

16. Any birthmarks? Freckles or other marks?

17. Do you have any scars? From what?

18. Do you have any tattoos? Of what and where?
I was branded at a young age with my name below the scapular spine.

19. Do any other features stand out? Big nose? Almond eyes? Gap in teeth?
I have been informed that my perfection is rather bizarre.

20. Do you have any unusual characteristics?
My entire form is rather unusual.

21. Any defining gestures? (Biting your lip, avoiding eye contact while speaking)
Not that I am aware of.

22. What do you like most about your appearance?
I find this irrelevant.

23. What do you like least about your appearance?
I also find this irrelevant.

24. Overall, are you happy with your appearance? Do you think you are attractive?
I was designed to be perfect in all ways.  I believe this includes appearance.

25. Do others think you are attractive?
The reactions of other people have indicated this to be true.

26. What is your blood type?

27. Do you have any mental illnesses?  Addictions? Disabilities?
I have none.
[PN: This isn't strictly true.  Zero has several psychological problems, the most prominent one being her superiority complex.]

28. Do you avoid your medicals?
I am a medic.  It would not be acceptable for me to ignore my medicals.

29. What was the last medical procedure you had done?
I do not wish to talk about it.
[PN: The last sanctioned medical procedure that Zero went through was to place a tracking chip in her pericardium.  The last unsanctioned medical procedure she went through was to retrain her thoughts about intimacy.

30. Do you have any allergies or medical problems?
No, I was engineered to ensure that such things would not affect me.

31. Do you have any problems sleeping? What's wrong and why do you think that is?
I do not require as much rest as most humans.
[PN: While that's true, Zero's also afraid of the dark and doesn't want Jiseth to know that she can't sleep without the lights on.

Supernatural Abilities:
[PN: Non Applicable]

46. What is your earliest childhood memory?
I believe that the first memory I am capable of recalling would have been while I was in the incubation chamber shortly before Doctor Kincaede disconnected me from it.

47. What is your happiest childhood memory?
While I was not encouraged to experience emotion as a child, perhaps my happiest moment as a child was when I demonstrated my first genetic modification on a rat.

48. What is your worst childhood memory?
My worst memory would have been the lab.

49. What was your childhood like?
My childhood is considered to be extremely sterile by thos who know of it, but I do not comprehend why it is considered so.  From an extremely early age, I was put into a vigorous and regimented schedule of exercise, lessons and nutrition.

50. What were your childhood aspirations?
Doctor Kincaede told me a minimum of once per week that I was to be the mother of a new race of humans.

51. What is your most embarrassing memory?
I have never understood the concept of embarrassment.
[PN: In terms of secondhand embarrassment, perhaps the most embarrassing memory would have been the day that she turned up to classes at the Academy naked because her roommate had stolen all of her uniforms as a prank.]

52. What is the most frightening thing that has ever happened to you?
I do not feel fear.
[PN: She wishes.  The most frightening thing that has happened to Zero was the day that Jiseth faked committing suicide.]

53. Have you ever had a near death experience? Have you ever died?

54. What is the worst thing you have ever done? Even if for a good reason.
I do not believe that I have done anything that could be classified as such.
[PN: Zero actually seems incapable of determining what is good or bad in her actions when dealing with other people.]

55. What is the worst thing anyone has ever done to you?
I do not wish to answer that question.
[PN: This could be brought to the list of triggers that have been carefully developed in order to ensure that she isn't capable of living outside the custody of Starfleet Medical.]

56. Do you have a permanent residence on any planet?
No, I do not.

57. Where were you born? What is this place like?
I was birthed in a laboratory on an unnamed asteroid.

58. Has anything life changing ever happened to you?
Starfleet's intervention in raiding Doctor Kincaede's laboratory could be defined as the single turning point in my life up to this point.

59. Have you ever experienced anything traumatic?
Perhaps you should see the above answer.

60. Do you have any serious regrets? What are they? How would you act differently?
I regret not knowing what became of Doctor Kincaede.

61. Have you ever lost someone you love? How?
[PN: Zero thought she had at one point, but it turned out that Jiseth had faked her suicide.]

62. What was your least favorite subject?
I did not enjoy my social interaction classes.

63. What was your favorite subject?
I enjoyed the genetics classes Doctor Kincaede put together for me.

64. What were you best at?
I excelled at genetic manipulation.

65. Were you made fun of in school? Why?
I was mocked at the Academy for my unconventional appearance.

66. What was your education like?
Apparently unconventional due to the fact that my primary source of education was a rogue geneticist rather than a conventional teacher.

67. How much education have you received?
I have been educated in the sciences to a high degree, although I have been informed that the other areas of my education have been somewhat neglected.

68. Did you attend the Academy?  What was your most memorable experience there?
I was forced to attend the Medical Academy.
[PN: One of the most memorable experiences that Zero had was when some of her classmates put blue dye in the shower unit and she was forced to walk around blue for a couple of weeks until it washed out.]

69. Did you like school?
No, I did not.

70. Overall, how well did you do in school?
I excelled academically.
[PN: She failed socially.]

71. Are you enlisted or commissioned?  What is your rank?
I am a commissioned officer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

72. What department do you serve in?
I serve in medical, with a speciality in genetics.

73. Why do you do it? How did you end up doing it?
I was not given the choice.

74. Do you have any future goals for this job or others?
I wish to escape it or find a manner in which I am employed by choice.

75. How long have you done this?
Several years.

76. What are your parents' names?
I do not have parents.  Doctor Kincaede is the closest I have to a parental unit.

77. What do your parents do for a living?
Please see above.

78. Do you have any siblings? Older or younger?
It is not impossible for me to have siblings, but I do not believe that I have any.

79. Who are you closest to?
I am closest to Jiseth.

80. Is there anyone not in your immediate family who you consider to be family?

81. Do/did you live with or commonly see grandparents, cousins, or other relatives?
I do not have other relatives.

82. Are you married? Have you ever been?
No, but I am engaged to a Romulan.

83. Do you have any children? How many? How old? Who is the father?
I have one daughter who is currently still in the incubation chamber.  She does not have a father, but rather another mother.

84. Does anyone else in your family serve or  has served in Starfleet?
Doctor Kincaede was originally a Starfleet geneticist.

85. Do you have a good relationship with your family?
I do not have a family to speak of.

86. Who is your best friend? (If 2 really close friends, answer the next questions for both)
Jiseth is my best friend, along with Gavin Van Gelder.

87. How did you meet? How long have you known each other?
My original encounter with Jiseth was in a drinking establishment during my cadet years.  I met Gavin in the medical laboratory while he was assigned as my guardian.

88. Why are you best friends? What about your personalities work well together?
I am not exact in my knowledge.

89. What are his/her greats qualities? Flaws?
Jiseth is adventurous and enthusiastic, although she is also overwhelming and emotionally unstable at times.  Gavin is stable and compassionate while also capable of providing me with explanations of humanoid behaviours that I do not comprehend.

90. If of the opposite sex, have there ever been any romantic feelings?
There are romantic feelings for Jiseth, despite not being of the opposite sex.  I feel no such thing for Gavin.

91. Other friends?
A Trill by the name of Leela Kaz is also attempting to form a friendship.

92. Who is your nicest friend?
I believe that Gavin is worthy of that title.

93. Do you have many friends? If you have few friends, why?
I do not wish to have many friends.  To do so would lower the already diminutive average IQ of my current acquaintences.

94. Do you have any enemies or frenemies?
I have several enemies.

95. Does anyone dislike you?
I am sure that there are several.

96. Do you dislike anyone?
See above.

97. Do you have any rivals?
There are few people who could be considered to be my rivals.

98. What is your sexual orientation?
I am not certain, although I believe that it is possible that I... what is the expression?  "Oscillate in both directions"?

99. What's your current relationship status?
I am engaged.

100. If single, have you ever had a romantic relationship?

101. Do you want to be in a relationship?

102. Do you love anyone now? Have you ever?
Although I am uncertain, all of my research indicates that the sensations I experience whether in proximity to Jiseth or thinking of her are those generally associated with love.

103. If not in love, do you have a crush on anyone?

104. Do you know if anyone is in love or has a crush on you?
I would like to believe that Jiseth experiences emotions of love for me.

105. Do you love anyone who does not love you back? Have you ever?

106. Have you ever told anyone you loved them? When?
I have attempted to express the emotion, but it was perhaps not expressed in an accurate enough manner.

107. Has anyone told you they loved you? When?
Jiseth has expressed the sentiment on several occasions.

108. Have you ever cheated on anyone?

109. Have you ever been cheated on?
I have given permission for Jiseth to seek physical pleasure elsewhere until I am capable of fulfilling that role.

110. Has anyone ever broken your heart?
I am uncertain.

111. Have you ever broken anyone's heart?
It is possible.

112. Are you shy about relationships?
I am uncertain.

113. What do you do when you like someone? Tell them? Give hints?
I have never experienced such emotions for any one other than Jiseth and therefore I have not felt the need to express it to another.

114. Are you a virgin?

115. Have you ever given or received a blowjob?
[PN: Yes, but she won't talk about it.]

116. Have you ever kissed someone the same sex as you?
On numerous occasions.

117. Do you have any quirks in the bedroom?
[PN: The main reason for this is that Zero is actually too terrified of intimacy to be able to do anything in the bedroom at this point.]

118. What kind of man/woman are you usually attracted to?
I am not sure.

119. What kind of lover do you prefer?
I am not sure.  I am content with the one I have.

120. When did you last engage in any romantic or sexual behavior?
Several months ago.

121. How many people have seen you naked?
Many people have seen me without clothing due to my former lack of modesty.

General Relationships:
122. Who do you love most in the world?
It would be between Jiseth and Callion.

123. Who do you hate most?

124. Who could you not live without?
I do not know.

125. Who do you tell things to first?
The computer, often as I attempt to make sense of a new element of humanoid behaviour.

126. Who knows all your secrets?
There is no one person who is in possession of all my secrets.

127. Who do you always argue with?
I often argue with everyone.

128. Who last told you they loved you? (both romantic and not)

129. Who did you last tell you loved them? (both romantic and not)

130. Have you ever punched anyone? Why?
I have engaged in combat only on rare occasions.

131. Who do you go to for advice?
The computer.

132. Who would you risk your life for?
For Jiseth and Gavin.

133. Who do you most respect?
I am not sure.

134. Do you have any heroes or idols?

135. If you could kill someone and get away with it, who would it be?
I do not wish to kill.  In fact, as a medic, I am bound to attempt not to kill but instead save.

136. Are there any qualities in people or behaviors that you just can't stand?
I find low intelligence to be particularly irritating.

137. Would you sacrifice your own happiness for someone else? Anyone in particular?
I wish for Jiseth and Callion to be happy, no matter how.

138. What is a typical day like? Or is each day different?
Each day is near identical.  I spend the majority of my life in the research laboratory.

139. Are you a morning or a night person?
I believe that I am neither.

140. How do you usually dress while off duty?  On duty?
I own nothing but my uniforms.

141. Is there anything you keep with you at all times?
I keep a small holoimager with an image of Jiseth, but she is not aware of this habit and nor is any other person.

142. Do you keep a journal? Why or why not?
I am required to keep a log.

143. Are you regularly in trouble or do you always follow all the rules?
I attempt to follow the regulations and guidelines but I have often found that they are in a state of constant fluctuation.

144. Do you ever drink or get drunk?
[PN: In the past, Zero often tried to drink herself into a stupor, but partially due to the fact that her metabolism burns through alcohol at an accelerated pace.  Also, Corinth has now forbidden her to touch alcohol.]

145. Do you ever go to parties?
I do not attend social gatherings unless ordered.

146. Describe your quarters. What is in it? Is it messy?
The majority of the clutter in my quarters belongs to Jiseth.

147. What would you like most to change about your life?
I wish that I was free of the restraints placed upon me.

148. Are you happy with your life?

149. What is your religion? Any strong religious beliefs?
I do not hold any religious beliefs.

150. Are you very religious?

151. Are you superstitious?

152. What would you die before doing?
I am not certain.

153. Do you have any strong political views?

154. Are you satisfied with the current government? Why or why not?
I do not care.

155. What do you think of death and the afterlife?
I do not care, although I have occasionally wished for death.

156. What do you think of war?
I do not care.

157. Could you personally kill someone if it meant saving others? (Have you ever?)
Perhaps.  It would depend on the person.

Personal Information:
158. Do you snore?
Not that I am aware of.

159. Do you have any secrets?
I have many.

160. Do you have many fears? What are they?
I do not fear.
[PN: This is a barefaced lie.  Zero is acutely claustro- and Achluophobic.  She is also terrified of breaking the vague yet severely restrictive rules placed on her life by Corinth about food, relationships, intimacy and hobbies.]

161. How do you deal with physical pain? Have you ever been seriously injured?
Affirmative, but I have always been in the vicinity of a medical facility.

162. How do you cope with deaths of people you know?
On the previous occasion in which I believed that I had lost Jiseth, I proceded to attempt to drink myself into oblivion.

163. Have you ever killed anyone? Why? How?
I have not intentionally killed a living person.

164. Have you ever seen anyone die? What happened?
I am a physician.  Occasionally, a patient ceases to live.

165. What do you live for? What keeps you going?
An inbuilt sense of survival.

166. Can you speak more than one language without using the UT? What languages and why?
Only Federation standard.

167. Do you have any bad habits?
I have been informed that my unsociable attitude is a habit that I must break.

168. Are you typically willing to help people who you ask for it? To what extent would you willingly help them?
I am not known for helping others.  It is difficult to know exactly how to help an individual and after many... incidents, I decided to cease the habit.

169. What is your speaking style (fast, monotone, loquacious)?
Verbose, accompanied by a slight british accent.
[PN: Zero's most defining speech characteristic is sounding like a computer, which was carefully cultivated by Kincaede.]

170. What are your insecurities?
I do not have any.
[PN: Zero's main insecurities focus around being unable to provide the love and quality of life she feels that Callion and Jiseth deserve.]

171. Do you have any quirks or eccentricities?
I have been told that I am very eccentric.
[PN: Part of Zero's eccentric nature is her speech patterns.]

172. Do you have any special natural abilities?
[PN: She has above average intelligence and various other things]

173. Do you have any specialised combat training? Why?
Negative, I do not.  Admiral Corinth wished to keep me as inexperienced as possible in combat in order to ensure that I would not be able to fight should I turn rogue.

174. What is the best compliment you could receive? (You're gorgeous, your paintings are beautiful, you are the perfect mother)
Any compliments concerning my genetics or my work would be acceptable.
[PN: Although she won't admit it, compliments on her dancing, should anyone see it, are also greatly appreiciated.]

175. If the entire world only had one night left, what would you do? Who would you spend your last hours with?
I am not certain.  I have never given much thought to apocalyptic scenarios, but... Jiseth.  Jiseth and Callion are the individuals I would wish to be with.

176. If you could know anything, what would it be? (Like how the pyramids were built, what your boyfriend was thinking five minutes ago)
I would wish to know if I am capable of functioning as an individual without Starfleet Medical.

177. If you could learn to do anything, even if it's impossible (like dancing if you're in a wheelchair), what would it be? (no powers, see next question)
I intend to learn Romulan for Jiseth, although I would also like to learn to pilot a shuttlecraft in order to be closer to her.

178. If you could have one magic power, what would it be? Why?
The ability to control time.

179. If you got one wish (no wishing for more wishes), what would you wish for?
I do not feel that I should answer that question truthfully.
[PN: In fact, Zero would wish that she could provide the best environment for Jiseth and Callion.]

180. Are you a social person? Or do you prefer solitude?
I do not enjoy social situations at all.  Solitude is my preference.

181. How would you describe your personality?
I am... arrogant, and conceited, as well as unsociable.

182. Are you an optimist or pessimist?
Most probably a pessimist.

183. Are you creative?
Generally, only when it comes to my projects.

184. Do you like to take risks?
On occasion, although less so in recent times due to Corinth's renewed interest in my activities.

185. Are you usually an honest person?
I have been told that I am too honest.

186. How would you describe your personal hygiene? Would others agree?
As a medic, my personal hygiene is important and therefore I attempt to maintain it as impeccable as possible.
[PN: With her skin being so pale and her hair white, any dirt shows up very easily.]

187. Do you think you dress well off duty? Would others agree?
I do not dress differently off duty, although Jiseth is attempting to assist in my dressing.

188. Are you sentimental?

189. Are you openly emotional?

190. Are you a hard worker?

191. Are you usually a leader or a follower? Are you happy with that?
I have been in the role of either and fulfilled it adequately.

192. Are you confident?
[PN: This isn't stricttly true as it depends enorously on the situation.]

193. Are you introverted or extroverted?

194. Are you a stressed person?

195. Are you easily embarrassed?

196. Are you very proud?

197. How do you think other people see you?
Other individuals generally see me as an arrogant individual.

198. What things do others say are your weaknesses?
They are not aware of any.
[PN: Zero tried to keep her weaknesses well under wraps to keep the perfect image she tries to project.]

199. What do others say are your strengths?
My intelligence, perhaps.

200. Do people generally like you or dislike you?

201. What do you think are your best qualities?
I have been engineered in order to be perfect.

202. What do you think are your worst qualities?
See above.
[PN: Her abnormal appearance and her psychological triggers]

203. Is there anything you would like to change about yourself?
[PN: See above.]

204. Overall, are you happy with yourself?
[PN: No.]

205. What is your favorite food?
I do not ingest conventional food, but rather nutritional supplements programmed by Medical.
[PN: Enjoyment of food is one thing that has been carefully cut from her life.]

206. What is your favorite drink?

207. What is your favorite color?

208. What is your favorite animal?
I do not differentiate.

209. What is your favorite book?
Starfleet Medical Journals.

210. What is your favorite movie?
I have not watched many 'movies'.

211. What is your favorite music genre?

212. What is your favorite childhood story?
I was not exposed to such literature.

213. What is your favorite weather?
I have never experienced true weather.

214. What is your favorite season?
I do not have one.

215. What is your dream vacation?
What is a vacation?

216. What is your favourite planet to visit?  To live?
I have not visited many planets.  Wherever Jiseth resides is where I would wish to be.

217. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

218. Would you rather have a life full of adventure or an uneventful life?
I would like to experience an uneventful life.

219. What is your favorite holiday?
I do not celebrate holidays.

220. What is your favorite flower?
Botany is not an interest of mine.

221. What is your favorite sport? Do you like sports?
I have not attempted many sports as I have no interest in them.

222. What is your favorite curse word?
I do not have one.

223. Do you prefer the city or the country?
I have no preference.

224. Do you prefer showers or baths?

225. What is your biggest pet peeve?

226. Are you disgusted by anything?

227. Are you squeamish?

228. Regardless of skill, do you like dancing, singing, or drawing? Anything else?
[PN: Zero taught herself and enjoys ballet dancing, even if it is something that she's no longer allowed to do.]

229. Do you enjoy art?
I have very little appreciation for pigment on a canvas or materials moulded in to three dimensional shapes.

230. What would be the perfect day?
I do not know.

231. Do you have any hobbies?
[PN: The aforementioned ballet dancing.]

232. What do you enjoy doing most?
My work.
[PN: And spending time with Jiseth, even though she's not always sure that Jiseth feels the same.]

Recent Past:
233. When did you last feel happy? Why?
This morning, as I walked in to see Jiseth with Callion.

234. When did you last feel sad? Why?
This morning.

235. When did you last feel angry? Why?

236. When did you last feel guilty? Why?
Most days.

237. When was the last time you cried? Why?
I do not cry.
[PN: Yes, she does, but considers it to be an extreme show of weakness.]

238. When did you last see your family? Is this amount of time normal?
I do not have a family.

239. When did you last do someone a favor? Who and what was it?
I assisted one of the ship's children with their biology homework.

240. When did you last confess something to someone? What was it and to who?
I told Jiseth about certain elements of Corinth's behaviour toward me.

241. When was the last time you were sick?
My immune system is superior to the human norm.

242. Who is the last person you spoke to?

243. What was the last dream you can remember?
A nightmare.

Right Now:
244. What is your current mood?

245. Where are you?
In my office.

246. What color are your nails/toenails?

247. What are your goals for this year?
I do not have any.
[PN: Working with Leela Kaz, Archangel T'Koris and Jiseth, there is the goal of getting Zero free of SFM's custody.]

248. Do you have any pets? What are their names?
I own a canine by the name of Ghost.

249. What is your current health? Any injuries? From what?
I am in perfect health.

250. What is the nearest book to you?
The most recent Starfleet medical journal.

251. Are you wanted for any crimes?
My existance?

252. Finally, how many weapons are currently on your person?


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Zero Alpha - Character Test
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