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 Alexander "Alex" Boone

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Alex Boone

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PostSubject: Alexander "Alex" Boone   Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:51 pm

|Alexander “Alex” Boone


Name: Alexander “Alex” Boone
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:  March 30, 2343


Height: 6’1
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Characteristic elements:N/A


Alex Boone is a descendant of ancient earth legend Daniel Boone.   Like members of his family that joined the U.S. Military he wanted to serve.  In the last few generations he observed that his family name was not living to the expectations of being descendant of a folk hero.

On March, 2343 Daniel Boone was born from his parents in Missouri, Earth.  Even though his family had a legendary ancestor in its past lately they have fallen out of grace.  Most of his family lives in the Shadows and reliving the past instead of looking into the future.  Alex despised just being known as an ancestor for a folk hero and wanted to carve his own path in life.  

During his teenage years to young adulthood he left Earth and attempted to work his way through a freighter.  He travelled to several placed in the Federation as a member of the crew.  The Captain of the Freighter, Mace Strickland was a former Starfleet Officer and recommended Alex into the Academy.  Alex was accepted onto the academy.

On 2363 after a strong letter of recommendation, Alex joined Starfleet Academy.   An image that shape his life was the construction of the U.S.S. Enterprise – D.  He observed the construction and wanted to serve on a top of the line ship. As an individual Alex had set high expectations and wanted a command by the age of 35.  

He joined Command School on 2365 and was in charge of a group of new coming cadets.  In his new group there was a young talented half Klingon Engineer student named B'Elanna Torres.  To his later regret he attempted forming her into a better Starfleet Cadet by yelling at her and forcing her to do more drills.  In turn this made her more hostile.  When Alex heard that she left the Academy he understood that he failed her as an Academy Upperclassman.

Similar to most individuals of his class he graduated and got early assignment on 2367. Unlike most of his classmates he was not selected onto a ship and had to wait for the ship he was assigned the U.S.S. Galaxy.   Most of his classmates on the Academy died on Wolf 359 on their first assignment.  This event marked his life as he realized that Starfleet is a dangerous assignment.    

He stayed on the U.S.S. Odyssey, a Galaxy Class vessel under the command of Captain Keogh until he got promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.  After his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant he was transferred as the Chief Tactical Officer for the U.S.S. Galaxy another Galaxy class vessel.    That was the last time he saw most of the crew alive.

The destruction of the U.S.S. Odyssey and the beginning on the Dominion war made him endeavor to do even better.    In the U.S.S. Galaxy he earned several medals of valor in the Dominon war including participating on key events such as the First Battle of the Chin’toka.  In which he was instrumental in the destruction of the orbital stations.  Being almost a hero in the war he was in the fast track to command.

On 2374 he was promoted to a battlefield acting rank of Commander of the U.S.S. Honshu he was selected to an important mission which was to deliver the prisoner Gul Dukat to trial.  The flight plan of the ship was top secret and only three individual knew the flight plan which were the Captain of the Honshu, Captain Benjamin Sisko and himself the XO of the Honshu.

During the journey Alex Boone became suspicious that someone might have leaked the flight plan and attempted to do an investigation.  On the second day of the journey before he could find out whether his suspicion were accurate or not the ship got attacked by the Cardasians.  

Alex was rescued by the U.S.S. Constellation was an investigation into the escape went underway.  Starfleet Intelligence believed that the flight plan and times were leaked to the enemy.  Subsequently, charged for the Crime of High Treason came under way.  Even though there was no evidence to his guilt Starfleet needed someone to take a fall for letting a major war criminal escape.  In order to spare embarrassment to the Federation and for the good of the war effort he was ordered to accept the plea deal.  

On 2375 he accepted the plea deal.  In exchange the Federation spared him of the death penalty.  However, he was stripped of his medals, commissions and was sentenced to 18 Months of hard labor in New Zealand.    

On 2378, after being released from prison, Alex attempted to build a quiet life for himself. Starbase Althena was the perfect place where few people knew who he was. His carrier in Starfleet for all intents and purposes was over. He attempted to start a new life in a place were he was not known as either the war hero or traitor. Using his skills and experience from Starfleet and the Dominion war he attempted to build his life in the civilian sector as a pilot. He goes by the name "Alex" and is Captain of the Civilian ship S.S. Eagle.


Enlisted or Officer?: Officer
Department preference 1: Tactical
Department Preference 2: Helm

Sample Post

This is your Shuttle Captain.  We have arrived to our destination at Starbase Althena.   a voice came from the speakers inside the shuttle.

Alex opened his eyes after a long nap inside the shuttle.  He gently scratched his eyelids while his eyes were close.  He never understood why he had the habit of doing that after a long nap.  He looked around and in the seat next to him there was a small girl.  She was brunette girl and Alex could figure she was no older than eight years old.  

“I am looking forward to seeing my dad!” the girl blurted out.
Alex looked at the girl and gently smiled and responded “I can imagine the old man wants to see you too.“

After a couple of minutes most of the passenger left the shuttle.  Being one of the last he grabbed his small bag with a handful a personal belongings and left the airlock.    As he walked out of the airlook he noticed two individual wearing yellow uniforms.

Security....I presume

One of the security officer approached Alex and asked “Mr. Boone, I presume?”

Alex then responded “The name is Alex, but yeah”

The officer looked at Alex and said “If you follow me, Mr. Boone we are your escort”

You mean you are the ones here to arrest me or lock me up ...Day 1 and they already want to put me in the brig...this is going to suck ass

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Corman Stark
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Rear Admiral Lower Half

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PostSubject: Re: Alexander "Alex" Boone   Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:31 pm

Good afternoon,

Thanks for posting an app! We've read over it, and are ready to accept it, with a minor alteration. Alex will be assigned without a rank, but when his commission is re-instated, he will be put back in at Ensign. We start out all characters here at the rank of Ensign or Petty Officer Third Class.

If this is acceptable, then consider Mr. Boone to be approved.



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Alex Boone

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PostSubject: Re: Alexander "Alex" Boone   Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:17 pm

I sent a PM to Admiral Stark,

Since is not something that has to be decided now we can talk later since. The character will start as an observer on either a starbase or starship

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Rachel Deacon
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander "Alex" Boone   Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:26 am

Following the modifications made to your application, I'm delighted to be able to offer you the position of civilian pilot on Starbase Athena! Your ID card and group colour will be uploaded and updated as soon as I get back to my computer.

Feel free to read through the current mission to see if there's anywhere you'd like to jump in, and/or strike up a shore leave thread on the subboard.


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PostSubject: Re: Alexander "Alex" Boone   

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Alexander "Alex" Boone
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