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 Application: Elena Tarunt

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Elena Tarunt
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Petty Officer 3rd Class

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PostSubject: Application: Elena Tarunt   Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:30 pm

|Elena Tarunt|



   Name: Elena Tarunt
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Date of Birth: 26th October 2354
   Age: 24


   Height: 5'9
   Eyes: Hazel
   Hair: Starwberry Blonde
   Characteristic elements:Physically fit, and usually with a confident stance. During most situations Elena has a serious expression, though it can quickly change depending on the circumstances.

EDIT: I forgot to add her family, which may be referenced as is appropriate.
Lucas Tarunt - Father
Janessa Tarunt - Mother
Lucius Tarunt - Brother

Elena was born to a family that had a long line of Starfleet officers. Born on the USS York, Elena was raised on the vessel before she joined Starfleet, following in her Brother’s footsteps and entering Starfleet Security. Her first assignment was at the Starfleet Academy for a number of years. During these years, her Lieutenant took note of her leadership and communication skills, as well as surprise she hadn't followed, or appeared to wish to follow an Officer's role just yet.


   Enlisted or Officer?: Enlisted
   Department preference 1: Security
   Department Preference 2: Command?

   Sample Post

   You have arrived at your newest assignment...

There was a small and gentle sigh as the shuttle docked with the Pheonix, and Elena closed her eyes for a brief moment. She always had a will to be in the stars, just like her home was, and now she was back there. But it felt a little different to her, knowing she'd be a simple Security Officer in a more than complicated starship. Just a small cog in the machine, but she didn't mind that.

Falling in line with the rest of the passengers, Elena held her bag of personal belongings close, taking the time to review her surroundings. Despite being a Nebula Class, everything seemed so similar to her.

The new people, both nervous and excited lined up, as did Elena, waiting to be greeted and sorted out. Though her expression was almost stoic, inwardly, she was smiling.

   Behind the Mask

   Have you done textbased RP before?: I have done, for a number of years, and have numerous roleplay blogs on Tumblr.

   How did you find Aurora?: The Aurora tumblr account followed my Star Trek blog, where I play an older version of this Elena.

   Additional notes about yourself or your character?:

Her first few years are as described in this post, though if you wish me not to pursue a Security path, I can up her age and have it to where she transfers onto Officer level Command Division.

Also, I have no troubles with her being stationed on the Athena or Pheonix, so that is completely at your discretion, if the application proves successful.

Lastly, I noticed you do graphics for the crew members. I tried to get the better pictures I have of Elena's faceclaim (Josephine De La Baume) which would be simpler to use - and look like a 24 year old, or there abouts. The post is here. It should take you to my tumblr, where I posted them. I can post a lot more if you wish.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

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Rachel Deacon
Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral

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Participated in the first mission
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Elena Tarunt   Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:52 pm

Welcome to Aurora Fleet!

After reading your application, I'm delighted to offer you the post of security and tactical crewman on the USS Phoenix with the starting rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class.

I'm afraid things are a little up in the air at the moment due to the sudden resignation of one of our players a few days ago, so please bear with us while we sort ourselves out and get things going again. It shouldn't take too long!

The photos you've linked give me plenty to work with in terms of making your ID card, although if you have a preference in which one is used, please let me know.

Once again, welcome to the Fleet!


Archangel T'Koris | Ilana Telak | Rachel Deacon | Zero Alpha | Mira | Persephone M'Rai
"Life isn't about finding shelter in the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain."
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Elena Tarunt
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Petty Officer 3rd Class

Posts : 12
Join date : 2016-01-20

PostSubject: Re: Application: Elena Tarunt   Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:30 am

Hello and thank you for the posting, which I'll gratefully accept!

I had a feeling things were getting a little busy around here, but that's all okay, I'll take that time to just scout about the roleplay posts, see how things are done and such, so take your time!

I'm glad the photos have giving you something to work with, I don't have any preferences currently so feel free to use whichever one(s) works best for you.

And thank you! It's good to be here!

Per Mare, Per Terras, Per Constellatum.
Elena Tarunt
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Julia Rellek
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Star Cross
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Completed Plot and Bio Page
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Elena Tarunt   Thu Jan 21, 2016 4:41 pm

Welcome Elena! Glad to have you aboard!


"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
— Dr. Carl Sagan
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Elena Tarunt
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Petty Officer 3rd Class

Posts : 12
Join date : 2016-01-20

PostSubject: Re: Application: Elena Tarunt   Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:24 pm

Thank you Julia! It's good to be on board!

And I have to admit, I was very surprised to see my profile suddenly holding the rank and ID badge already! I forgot that could be done on these! Which, by the way, thank you Rachel for that, they look brilliant

Per Mare, Per Terras, Per Constellatum.
Elena Tarunt
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Elena Tarunt   

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Application: Elena Tarunt
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