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 T'Koris, Archangel

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Archangel T'Koris

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PostSubject: T'Koris, Archangel   Sat Jun 28, 2014 3:32 pm



Name: Archangel Dhael Ir-Terra T'Koris
Species: Romulan/Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 12th April 2340
Age: 38


Height: 6'
Build: Slender
Eyes: Very dark brown
Hair: Black
Characteristic elements: Romulan features.  Two scars: one thin and faint, along the underside of her right forearm, the other thick, running across her chest from the point of one shoulder to the other.



Mother: Mary-Claire Walker, Junior JAG officer on Starbase 173
Father: General S'Ten Tr'Koris, highly placed Romulan politician
Siblings: None
Significant Others: Gabriel Arthur (Husband)
Children: Seika Mirabelle T'Koris and Aria Saeihr Arthur-T'Koris


With the mix of two bloods, Archangel's temper can often be uneven, but Starfleet's rigorous Academy training forced her to keep it under wraps.  She also shows evidence of the Romulan obsession with duty, and considers it to be more important than anything else, even her own safety.  Other elements of her behaviour were definitely human, such as speaking her mind without necessarily thinking about it beforehand.  She has an essentially sarcastic sense of humour, usually based on insults and jibes.  A counsellor once made the supposition that this had evolved from her insecurity about her species.  She doesn't know whether to consider herself as a Romulan or as a Human and, by consequence, which planet she would call home.  She has also shown signs of the paranoia inherent in Romulans, and can be very territorial.  Since becoming a mother, she had become both calmer and fiercer.  She's more willing to stand up for her opinions, defend her daughter and grab the bull by the horns if necessary.  

Her interests include : Martial arts of different cultures, horseback riding, engineering and, although she would never admit it, Klingon love poetry.

Her main nervous habit is tapping her nails on whatever surface comes to hand, but she has also been known to scratch her ears or chew on the end of her plait.

Due to various events in her life, Archangel can also display severe doubt in herself and a fear that anyone associating with her will get hurt somehow.  These moments generally pass.

She is also a complete nightmare of a patient, escaping at the first possible opportunity, whether or not she can actually walk.


Early Life

Archangel was born on Starbase 173, along the edge of the Neutral Zone between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire.  Her mother, Mary-Claire, was a low ranking crewman in the Judge Advocate General's office, and her father had been a Romulan defector, who had arrived on Starbase 173 with two other officers of his ship.  Despite not having an official marriage, Mary-Claire took on her mate's surname of T'Koris.

Her father left when she was 4 to work more effectively with the underground Unification movement, leaving her mother to raise her.  He would often return to visit her, bringing back small trinkets from Romulus and giving her a brief education in the ways of the Romulans.  She idolised her father, looking forward to his visits and badgering her mother to tell her everything she knew about him.  He was killed three years later when his shuttle was spotted by a Romulan Warbird.  Archangel's mother chose not to tell her until she was ten years old, despite the continual demands to know when he was coming back.  This lead to a rift between Archangel and her mother that continues to this day.

Despite proving to be intelligent, she rarely employed this intelligence in school.  She preferred to bunk off and explore the Starbase.  She liked to spy on the engineering and scientific departments, learning from them what she refused to learn in school.  At the age of thirteen, she began to exhibit certain aggressive tendencies that were attributed to her Romulan blood, although she never attacked until provoked.  Unfortunately, it never took much to provoke her.  At her wit's end with the girl, unable to control her, Archangel's mother employed the only strategy she knew of to try to corral her daughter: advocating the opposite behaviour.  She told Archangel that she didn't believe that the girl could make it through Starfleet's officer ranks.  Angered by her mother's apparent dismissal of her Archangel threw herself into her studies, determined to prove her mother wrong.


At the age of 18, she applied to enter Starfleet Academy, but narrowly failed the entrance examinations, especially on the psyche test, having been of the opinion that nothing could scare her.  Infuriated by her own inexperience, she studied harder for the next round of exams, managing to pass second time around.  This demonstrated her habit of diving into something headfirst without really thinking about it first and wrangling a solution out of it, kicking and screaming if she had to.  This made her a good candidate for Engineering, as this method, although unorthodox, did allow her to eventually come to a solution even after others would have given up.  She graduated with honours in Engineering, her speciality being Warp Core technology.

Because of several incidents at the Academy, notably getting into fights with her fellow cadets.  During her second year, the commandant told her to sort out her behaviour or leave the Academy.  At that point, she learnt that, by letting the other cadets believe that she was Vulcan instead of Romulan, it lead to fewer fights.  However, she was still placed on ground assignment at Starfleet Research for the first few months of her career.  She had obviously proved something to Starfleet Command as, along with a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, she was assigned a post on the USS Discovery.


Archangel rose through the ranks while aboard the Discovery, committing herself to the Engineering department and eventually becoming Chief Engineer, a position she loved.  During a temporary transfer to the USS Gibson, she fell heavily for one of their medical personnel, then-Petty Officer Luke Stafford.  She fell pregnant accidentally with twins, fathered by Luke Stafford, but carried the babies to term.  Unfortunately, the birth was difficult and she lost one of her children only a few hours after his birth.  Consequently, she is devoted to the surviving twin, Seika, who accompanies her almost everywhere she goes.

Due to her connections with Romulus after her marriage to Praetor Alidar, she became a target for recruitment by the Intelligence branches of Star Fleet, recruitment that she accepted primarily due to the offer of protection for her daughter.  She owes her involvement with Section 31 under the name of 'Nemesis' to her commanding officer on the USS Discovery, Commander Kirok.  She also joined Star Fleet Intelligence at the urging of Lieutenant Conwell, becoming his partner in temporal investigations.

During her time aboard the Gibson, Archangel discovered that her father was still alive despite what her mother had told her.  However, since making this discovery, she has found herself under increasing pressure from her father and various other members of the Senate to take a more active role among their people.  This has included a marriage arranged between her father and a Senator for her to marry the Senator's son, an event which did not take place but has made her somewhat nervous.  She has also been approached by the Tal Shiar, who wanted her to spy on the Federation for them.  When she refused to do what they requested, she knew that she would be walking on eggshells if she ever encountered their type again, even more so now that she had a daughter they could use against her.

After a couple of quiet years, she found herself once more the target of Romulan machinations.  The USS Discovery was dispatched to deliver much needed aid to New Romulus which was transported via shuttle to the surface.  Selected for the away team for both her engineering skills and in the hope that having a Romulan with them would smooth any ruffles, she was faced with a choice: accept a marriage to the leader of the Romulan arranged between her father and the Praetor himself, or risk damaging Federation/Romulan diplomatic relations.  Despite efforts by her crewmates and superior officers, she accepted the marriage, seeing it as her duty to maintain and improve those relations.

However, although allowed to continue to serve Star Fleet, during the time she spends on Romulus, she often finds herself under pressure from the Praetor to produce heirs for him as well as from the Tal Shiar to give them information about the Federation and Star Fleet, pressures which have gone up to torture and even threats against Seika.

The situation worsened during her second visit to New Romulus, wherein she, through artificial means, became pregnant with the Praetor's child before being sent for 'debriefing'.  She was rescued a couple of days later during an Intelligence extraction mission to Romulus.

After her relationship with Luke Stafford turned out badly, Archangel was determined to never let anyone close to her heart ever again.  However, she developed a close friendship with Gabriel Arthur, who was a junior engineer in her department at the time, mainly through her daughter Seika.  While she was away on New Romulus, Gabriel took care of the little girl and, upon Archangel's return, provided her with the friendship and support that she needed.  

They grew closer while they cared for a newly paralysed Seika, even going to meet each other's families with both positive and negative elements.  When, after becoming pregnant with the Praetor's child, Zero Alpha told her that she could replace the baby's DNA with that of another person, Archangel asked him of he would be willing to become the baby's father, which he accepted, shortly after which he moved in with her and Seika.

After Aria's birth, while back on Earth to introduce the newest addition to the Arthur family, Gabriel took her to the top of a hill overlooking a local landmark and proposed to her, to which she said 'yes'.

USS Chin'Toka

Shortly after becoming engaged to Gabriel Arthur, the couple were transferred to the Sovereign Class USS Chin'Toka, where Archangel was to take the position of First Officer to Captain Mike Anderson.  While it was a position that she was ready to undertake, what she wasn't ready for was Jarris. Within a couple of months of being part of the command team of the Toka and while Captain Anderson was away on business, the ship was invaded and taken over by a group of hostile aliens.  Both Archangel and Gabriel found themselves in the not-so-caring hands of their leader, Jarris, as he attempted to learn the command lockout codes from Archangel.  

Although both officers survived the encounter, Archangel kept deep psychological scars, feeling responsible for the near death of her fiancé and guilt over the fact that she came very close to caving in to the torture and giving Jarris the release codes.  She and Gabriel took several months leave to recover from the encounter, having their wedding ceremony during this time.  However, during their honeymoon on Centaurus, they were both sent reactivation orders, assigning them as the command team of the USS Phoenix.


Soong Engineering Research Facility (Ensign)
USS Discovery, Engineering Department (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
USS Discovery, Engineering Department (Lieutenant)
USS Gibson, Operations Department (Lieutenant Commander)
USS Discovery, Engineering Department (Lieutenant Commander)
USS Chin'Toka, First Officer (Commander)
USS Phoenix, Commanding Officer (Captain)
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T'Koris, Archangel
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