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 Rachel Deacon

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Rachel Deacon
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PostSubject: Rachel Deacon   Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:40 pm



Name: Rachel Grace Deacon
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Mid-forties
Place of birth: Vulcan


Height: 1m80
Eyes: Pale brown
Hair: Auburn
Characteristic elements: Her eyes appear to have a white film over them.


Mother: Valery Deacon
Father: Ambassador John Deacon
Siblings: Two brothers, both older.
Significant others: None.
Children: None.


Rachel is a very reserved character, stemming from her upbringing on Vulcan.  She harbours a lot of resentment towards her father for his constant watch over her, even though she now wields considerable power.  

Despite her almost Vulcan exterior, she is known to let her guard down around people she knows wells and trusts.


Rachel's beginning in life was not an easy one.  Her mother's line was known for having prenatal formation problems, but since her brothers had both been born without a hitch and the Ambassador was very busy going back and forth for his duties, prenatal scans had been neglected.  The baby was born with severe defects.

Had it not been for the skills of the Vulcan doctors attending the birth, Rachel likely wouldn't have survived.  Hundreds of hours of surgery and therapy were necessary to fix the various problems and she was able to function as a normal child by the age of two, all but for her sight, one of the few things that no one had been able to fix.  Her sight degraded slowly degraded, and she was blind by the age of 4, then fitted with her first VISOR at the age of 7.

Because of her various problems, her family kept her isolated from the majority of children, afraid that she would get hurt because she couldn't see or couldn't see very well when she started with the VISOR.  Most of her time was spent in her room, listening to the house computer reading out stories and other works.

At the age of 12, she started to follow her father about his duties, the hope being that he would take over from him when he retired.  Rachel put up with the various diplomatic functions and parties, trying to please her parents.

By the time she turned 17, she had had enough and saved up enough latinum to buy silence and passage on a freighter heading for a starbase, where she enlisted in Starfleet.  Her father was alerted to her presence there, her name having been recognised on the enlistment form, but Rachel stood firm.  She didn't want to get involved in the diplomatic world and was determined to explore the galaxy for herself.

She worked her way up through the ranks as a Security and Tactical officer, having ceded to her parents request that if she was going to serve in Starfleet, she could at least do it as an officer.  She trained in search and rescue, wanting to put her VISOR to good use if she had to wear the thing.  She was tested for ocular implants at one point, but it was found that her optic nerves weren't up to the task.


USS Discovery - Crewman
USS Discovery - Ensign
USS Delphia - Lieutenant JG
USS Delphia - Lieutenant
USS Bradbury - Lieutant
USS Saratoga - Lieutenant Commander
Starfleet Academy - Commander
Starfleet Academy - Captain
Starfleet Academy - Rear Admiral
USS Athena - Admiral


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Rachel Deacon
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