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Current Year: 2379
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 Application:John Brown

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John Brown

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PostSubject: Application:John Brown   Application:John Brown I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 28, 2016 2:53 am

|John Brown|

Application:John Brown 883_blackthorne-paul-180


Name:John Brown
Date of Birth: October 10th 2346


Height: 6'0
Eyes:   Blue
Hair:   Black
Characteristic elements:

Personnel File: John BrownPersonal details

Basic profile

Name:John Brown
Date of Birth:October 10th, 2346
Height:188 CM
Weight:220 Lbs
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Blue
Additional features:Musular


  • Mother: Sarah Brown[/li]

  • Father: Vice Admiral Peter Brown (Ret'd)[/li]

  • Brother(s): Captain Patrick Brown[/li]

  • Sister(s): [/li]

  • Children: Steven Brown, Lucy Brown[/li]

  • Other: Lieutennent Commander Richard Ransom[/li]

Early life
  John Brown enlisted in Starfleet at the age of eighteen. After one year of the Non Commissioned Officer Training Course, Brown graduated as Crewman (3rd Class), and was assigned a position on the USS Essex.

    A year later, he was promoted to Crewman (2nd Class), and two years after this, Crewman (1st Class).

    In 2368, Brown was recognised for the Accelerated Promotion Scheme and was promoted to Petty Officer (2nd Class) the same year.

    In 2370, Brown was made Master Chief Petty Officer, and Chief of the Boat, on the USS Essex Were he first Met Kristi Pendragon  starts a relationship with hwe  and having Children Soon after.

    In 2376, Chief Brown was transferred to the EarthNet R&D Labs, after marrying , Kristi Pendragon, a Starfleet Lieutenant. They married in 2376, but tragedy struck as she was killed in a shuttlecraft accident, a year later. As a result, Brown  Joined Section 31, with the death of Kristi his Father takes over raising his Children

In 2378 Brown applys to the Commision Officer Program and is Transfered to Delta Fleet and is currently waiting reassignment 


Enlisted or Officer?:
Department preference 1:Secuitey
Department Preference 2: Engineering

Sample Post

You have arrived at your newest assignment...

Stuttle Aries

John peered though the Window of the Class Eight Shuttlecraft as he closed onto the Station he could see worker bees buzzing all around.

"A New Chapter on Life, Two Years in Klingon Space; I am ready for a new adventure what is the Admiral Like" asked John looking at the young Ensign at the Controls 

"The Admiral is very fair Sir; is this your first name here"

"Yes, I was assigned to the Klingon Embassy for Two Years with the Dipomatic Corps glad to be eating real food for a change" Finished Brown with a smile

Behind the Mask
Have you done textbased RP before?:  Yes,

How did you find Aurora?:I know the Feet Owner

Additional notes about yourself or your character?: 3 Years Expanstion Fleet SIMM Commanding Officer, 2 Years Task Force Ten First Officer, 3 years U.S.S Eclipse First Officer, 9 years Shadowfleet Head Adminstrator, Server Adminstrator, Webmaster, SIMM Commanding Officer, Site Adminstrator
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Julia Rellek
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PostSubject: Re: Application:John Brown   Application:John Brown I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 30, 2016 11:08 am

Good Day Sir!!! Welcome to Aurora Fleet!

Before I move forward with your application and assignment I would like to ask you to elaborate on your characters involvement in S31 and how will this effect the way you pay your character. Our site does not currently have a great deal involvement in those affairs and we are hesitant to bring that into the fold.

What are your thoughts?
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Application:John Brown
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