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 Alpha, Zero

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Zero Alpha
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PostSubject: Alpha, Zero   Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:21 pm

|ALPHA 01419|


Name: Alpha 01419, "Zero Alpha"
Species: Augment
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Exact age unknown, estimated 19
Place of birth: Unnamed Asteroid


Height: Just under 6 foot
Eyes: Pale grey
Hair: White
Characteristic elements: Extremely pale skin

General: Pretty much everything about Zero is pale, from her skin to her hair to her eyes.  She was designed to be the epitome of human perfection.


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Significant others: Jiseth
Children: None



Zero was a laboratory baby.  A rogue geneticist attempting to improve on the human genome, believing that the right combination of genes and early teachings would allow the products of his project to avoid the problems of the engineered humans of the Eugenics Wars.  She was the first one to make it past the fetus stage, the others having been terminated either naturally or artificially for various reasons.

When she hit the age of 15, still the only child the geneticist had managed to produce, the lab was raided by a team of Star Fleet officers.  Deemed to be a victim of circumstances and apparently capable of living in society, it was decided that Zero would be best of spending her life in Star Fleet where her enhanced abilities could be put to use and there would be scores of people to take her down the moment she started to display any kind of megalomaniac behaviour.

As she was raised in almost total isolation, Zero has vast amounts of intellect and knowledge, able to solve complex equations in her head and memorise like a Cardassian, but interacting with anyone has her completely stumped.  Despite attempts to teach her how to integrate into society, she has only managed basic manners and politeness.

Despite probably being one of the worst cadets in the history of the Academy, Zero managed to graduate.  Shortly before that, however, she had a chance meeting with a woman who changed her life completely: Jiseth.  The Romulan is so far the only person to love Zero for who she is and puts up with all over her various flaws and lack of social knowledge.

When Jiseth disappeared, Zero found herself unsure of what to do next until the arrival of an unusual young man by the name of Gavin Van Gelder. Originally assigned by Starfleet Medical to spy on her and report back, he soon found that the girl he was supposed to watch was more than they had made her out to be. He blew off the assignment, switching departments from medical to science and became her only friend.

Unfortunately, Starfleet Medical wasn't as pleased with her progress as she thought they would be and recalled her to San Francisco. Most of the progress she had made was disciplined out of her before Gavin stepped in to help her escape from their grasp.

When Jiseth returned, Zero found herself confused. Medical had taken out most of her confidence in a romantic relationship, and having the somewhat forceful Romulan return sent her into a tailspin in terms of her social progress, especially when marriage was proposed, leaving the Augment scared and unsure.


USS Discovery - Medical (Ensign)
USS Churchill - Medical (Ensign)
USS Phoenix - Medical (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
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Alpha, Zero
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