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 Personal Log - Captain T'Koris

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Archangel T'Koris

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PostSubject: Personal Log - Captain T'Koris   Thu Nov 27, 2014 3:02 pm

Personal Log - Captain Archangel Dhael T'Koris

I do not have a good track record with starship command.  On our first mission out with the Phoenix, while responding to a distress call from a recently warp capable planet, the crew found themselves beamed through the ship's shields and down onto the planet while the indigenous people took over the Phoenix.  A search and rescue team were dispatched by Starbase Athena when we failed to check in and they managed to subdue the boarders and begin the process of beaming the crew back.  Several members of that team were then assigned to my crew and I am glad to report that they are doing well.

Both my crew and a team back at Starfleet Command have analysed the ship's logs and sensor data from the incident, but came up with very few results.  I attempted to do my own investigations with... well, using other sources, but I didn't come up with anything different than they did.  Those I have come up with are not reassuring in the slightest:  system error, although both the engineering and tactical teams have been over the systems more times than I can count and have found nothing; human error, whether intentional or accidental are equal possibilities, (although I pray to the Elements that it wasn't intentional.  I don't want to have to start suspecting my crew of espionage or sabotage).  It's also possible that the planet had technology that we weren't aware of.  It's hardly a far(fetched theory since we have had very little contact with them since First Contact was made several decades ago and they asked us to leave them alone.  Final theory, and probably my least favourite, is that there was a higher power at work.  Deity, Q, even someone who's managed to get their hands on some Iconian technology.

Whatever happened, I'm just glad the crew got through this take over with nothing more serious than minor lacerations, a few broken bones, and a lot of questions.

Speaking of 'this take-over', Starfleet Command cottoned on to the fact that I was avoiding the counselling sessions that I am still required to attend after the Chin'Toka incident.  A message came through telling me that I could either give up command or attend counselling sessions with Chira.  As much as I would like to hand the ship over to someone more capable or more deserving, I'm more afraid of what Ikelos and Sovereign would do to me for giving up a useful position.  It would also tip off Gabriel even more that I haven't really recovered.

Seika nad Aria are settling in well on the ship and there are a handful of other children on board for them to play with.  The school teacher tells me that Seika is doing well in her studies, although she's no longer allowed near the school computer because she keeps trying to either reprogram it or take it apart.  I have to admit that I don't know whether to be angry with her or applaud her efforts.

Gabriel seems uneasy most of the time, but I find myself unable to establish why.  It could be any number of things, from my eating habits to his nightmares, worry about Ikelos and Sovereign to debating why he agreed to a command position.  It would even be because his sister and her new husband are on board and he's struggling to make the transition of thought to Chira actually being married.  Whatever the issue, I will have to address it with him soon.

Computer, record following segment for delivery to Counsellor Abols.

[sigh]  Report to Counsellor Abols, as agreed during our primary session.

Nightmares remain frequent, average two per sleep shift.  Negative emotions remain present throughout daily activities.  Entering Engineering for daily reports and inspections remains the most difficult duty.

End log.


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Personal Log - Captain T'Koris
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